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Joan Pries: Chair

Joan Pries has always been interested in holistic modalities of healing and felt called to this field. Her diverse career and has made her well aware of the stresses of work and daily life and the toll they take on our bodies, minds, and spirits.


Her interest in healing has guided her to commit her life to helping others. Joan is a Certified BodyTalk Pracitioner and has found many formats through which to practice healing and is blessed to have the talent to share them with her clients, family, and friends. Founder of the WalkIn Healing Energy Clinic, 2016 in Kitchener, Joan believes health is a lifelong journey and continues to study the modalities in order to provide clients with comprehensive and inclusive healing services.

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Stacey Tessis

Stacey Tessis is an Intuitive Healer, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and Autism Consultant with a clinic in Toronto and an international distance practice. She empowers adults and children to become their Best Self by addressing the underlying factors that are holding them back and creating new possibilities for growth, self-love and joy. You can reach Stacey at stacey@bestselfwellness.com and www.bestselfwellness.com

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Julie Bolduc

Julie has over 25 years experience in the holistic health field. She is very passionate about helping her clients in Canada and around the world work through difficult health challenges.


Julie is a Certified Brain Health Coach(Amen Clinics USA), a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (2004), a BodyTalk Instructor Trainee, a Brain Thrive by 25 trainer (for teens and young adults) and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with advanced studies in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbology. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a certified meditation guide. Julie has lived and worked in Belgium, France, Hong Kong and Singapore from 2004 to 2011 and still connects with her overseas clients on a regular basis.


Her certifications, business building and vast experience in other modalities such as Life Coaching, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, NLP, MyofascialRelease Therapy and working with medical doctors (Hong Kong) and naturopaths over the years have made her a sought-after mentor to recently certified holistic practitioners.


A practitioner with a passion for helping those with mental health issues, Julie is one of four practitioners in Ontario who have completed a professional  Brain Health Coaching Certification program through the Amen Clinics(USA) and Dr. Daniel Amen. The clinic is famous for its groundbreaking studies, SPECT scans and treatment of mental health issues and brain traumas. 


Julie specializes in brain optimization and whole body healing for children and adults with PTSD, ADHD, concussions, anxiety issues, depression, Autism Spectrum disorders, digestive disorders and hormonal issues. Her sensitivity and calm demeanor puts her clients at ease during their sessions. 


She has been a frequent online writer and guest speaker. She has also been interviewed for prominent podcasts and magazines in Asia such as What Therapy, Time Out Hong Kong, Gafencu Men’s Magazine and AsiaSpa. Here at home she was interviewed by The Good News Only, Frontline Forward Radio Show and mentioned in a Global News publication on Frontline Forward.


Julie has conducted workshops and public presentations over the last 15 years for several organizations across Hong Kong, Europe and Ontario on the topics of nutrition, brain health and The BodyTalk System.  


 You may reach her at: info@kwbrainhealthcoaching.com  and www.kwbrainhealthcoaching.com

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Cynthia Syjueco

I work with adults & children dealing with emotional and physical issues. Most changes come in the form of becoming healthy, feeling the sense of overwhelm lighten, finding joy in life, having a sense of purpose and a release of physical & emotional pain. It is heartwarming to see positive changes after a session.


We all possess an inner wisdom that guides our body, mind and spirit. Yes, we do! When we have a wound, our inner wisdom orchestrates how to get the wound healed as fast as, possible without any conscious directive from us.


When I work with you, I assist your inner wisdom's ability to plan what to do, so that the body can be more efficient. Some of the many ways I could support you is through lymphatic drainage, fascial balancing, energy alignment, cellular repair, emotional & trauma release, spinal support, harmonizing energies of the acupuncture meridians, immune system development, epigenetic repair, and relaxation.


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Cara Cooper
Cara Cooper

It was not until my own healing crisis that I stumbled upon Energy Medicine.  Experiencing first hand the level of healing energy medicine is capable of - had me hooked!  It's hard to believe I am the same person I was ten years ago.  I was so full of anger, resentment and fear without even knowing it!   The art and method of my work leads to the subtle healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you are looking to embrace more love, joy and happiness into your life, why wait?  

You are living it NOW!


Carol Earle

Carol’s interest in holistic health started in March of 1999 after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness. This serious health crisis urged her towards a journey in complimentary medicine, self healing and self-discovery. Carol knew she had to tell her body to heal and get well again. Along with traditional chemotherapy and radiation, she also used alternative methods, along with a Positive attitude, and is a true survivor. Life’s path changed once more in 2008 and that’s when she found BodyTalk in the Okanagan of British Columbia. Shortly after her first few sessions she enrolled in the Fundamentals classes in 2009 and completed the Certification Exam in Calgary the following year.
Carol now offers Client Clinic Sessions, along with Home visits for her Animal clients using BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals.
Animal sessions are currently by Home Visits; Carol's love of animals has taken her clinic to a new level. Her dedication to assisting others in transforming their lives and well being is a welcome new chapter in her life.


Chris Heaney
Lisa Schokking: Chairperson Emeritus

Lisa’s wide breadth of knowledge has been cultivated through 3 years of intensive study with the International BodyTalk Association. She has earned her accreditation in an Eastern healing modality from Future MedicineToday. Her B.A. in philosophy, self-driven study of Eastern Medicine’s 5 Element Theory and certification as a Massage Therapist gives her a unique understanding of body/mind physiology, anatomy and pathology. Lisa has travelled the world extensively, worked with World Vision, volunteers one night a week with the Toronto BodyTalk Free Clinic, and runs her own practice: Rosedale BodyTalk.

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Linda Marlene Eales: AdvCBP, ParBP: Director Emeritus, Vice-Chair of the OBTA from 2013 to 2017

Linda Marlene Eales is an Advanced Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, maintaining a full-time family practice from Toronto and the Kawartha Lakes area in Ontario, as well as facilitating distance sessions and online seminars with an international clientele spanning 5 continents. Having performed thousands of sessions and studying numerous advanced BodyTalk courses since beginning her practice in 2004, Linda has a deep understanding of the power of the BodyTalk System as a complementary health care system.

In 2012, Linda co-founded and co-directed the Toronto BodyTalk Community Clinic, mentoring new BodyTalk practitioners towards their certification whilst serving the local community. In the broader community, she has served on boards and committees, acted as media spokesperson, speaker and educator for many organizations for over 20 years, including the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Amnesty International Business & Human Rights Committee, Brands for Canada, Roncesvalles BIA and served as President of the TAIE Toastmasters Club in 2013.  

Full bio on the International BodyTalk website HERE

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Dave Huff: Chairperson Emeritus


Heart Wisdom! We all have it, but we so easily lose touch with it in busy lifestyles.

Founding President of the Ontario BodyTalk Association, Dave is a well-respected Parama 2 Life Sciences – Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Group Dynamics Specialist, Breakthrough Facilitator, and BodyTalk Access Trainer, with offices in Barrie, Newmarket and Toronto.

Contact Dave at (647) 235-3559 or via email by clicking HERE

Our Partners
Cherie Carpenter: BodyTalk Central


In 2002, Cherie started to encourage everyone she met to join her on a productive and exciting journey known as BodyTalk System’s natural healing. Many grateful clients eventually became practitioners in classes she first coordinated and then taught and as a result,

professional colleagues began flourishing across Ontario. As founder of BodyTalk Central, Cherie continues to pioneer her vision and passionately spread the word across Canada. Her full bio is on www.BodyTalkCentral.com

Contact Cherie via email HERE


Gary Gingras: BodyTalk Central


Beginning in 2003, Gary has taken all the modules and special interest classes he made available to students learning the BodyTalk System. Since then he has been in attendance of over 350 workshops that have been coordinated by BodyTalk Central. His wellbeing and personal growth on all levels has confirmed his belief in the potential of natural healing. At present Gary edits the online publication of ‘The Current News and Views’ to provide the public and practitioners the latest information about the BodyTalk System in Ontario. His full bio is on www.BodyTalkCentral.com
Contact Gary at (705) 735-2424, toll free at 1 (877) 884-1716 or via email by clicking HERE